where did you get that fabulous fabric? November 24 2011, 6 Comments

That's been the big question this week.  Everyday I receive emails asking about the fabric we used for the Sunki dress.  The fabric is an Ikat, and it seems to be popping up everywhere.

An Ikat fabric is very easy to spot because of an elaborate weaving process that results in an interesting blurred appearance and come in wonderful pattern ranges.  Ikats are more than just a trendy fabric, they’re complex with a long history.  Ikat derived from the word mengikat, meaning to tie & bind or wind around.  They achieve the blurred look through a three-step process.  Threads are first tie-dyed then woven into long narrow strips.  They are then patched together very carefully to create width.

I wish I could take the credit for finding this fabric, but it was all Daniela.  She found the fabric at a local fabric shop here in Portland, "Mill End".  If you happen to live in Portland and visit the shop, it will unfortunately be gone.  Who's to blame?  A very good friend and supportive customer Deb Miller.  She alerted me via facebook;  "I went to Mill End and bought out the rest of that bolt of ikat fabric from the little Figgy's dress because I loved that fabric so much.  Gonna see if I can make a kid dress and a dress for me...".  That's some serious love, and I'm terribly jealous she bought the end of the bolt, but I have good news!  I was at "Sew Mama Sew" yesterday and when I walked in the door I immediately spied these beauties, and purchased some of course!

"Boho" by Annette Tatum

When I arrived home, and rolled around in my new fabric, I had to begin a google search for more Ikat fabric.  Here's a bit of my journey.

At Purl Soho you'll find beautiful hand painted 13:1 needlepoint canvas that features a gorgeous design inspired by Ikat rugs and tapestries.   Unique NZ Designs 

Fabric.Com has a wonderful collection of Ikats

I really could go on and on so I better stop here, but wait, did I mention Amy Butler?  I'm sure you've seen her new Lark collection!

Thank you for all of the interest and I hope this has helped those whom have been searching for the perfect Ikat fabric for the Sunki, or the Ayashe, or even a lining for the Nituna!


  As a Thank You for your support during this transition we would like to extend our Pre-Order sale through Friday, November 25th, 2011.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!  Gobble Gobble.     -Figgy's