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Figgy's Sewing Studio & Kids Foundation continues to be my dream and the dream of all my students.   It was a really hard decision for me to try online outreach what ("Internet begging"), but opening the studio/foundation isn't just a way for me to make money it is a place for kids/adults to learn, to create and to express.  This studio is a community need so I reached out to my community and I am so grateful to you all for your faith, generosity and belief in my dream.

A sincere thank you to:

Shelley & Jerry Brown 

Teresa Coates

Carrie Bloomston

Anna Graham

Keli Faw

Sarah Haag

Sara Lawson

Shannon Cook

Emily Flippin Maruna

Deb Miller

Lara Klinger

Sandy Wright

Cate Oaten-Hepworth

Lara Klinger

Mandy McGlone

Erin Harris

Laura Jansen

Kelsey Richards

Lindsay Conner

Sarah Costa

Alexandra Smith/Lola Nova

Joan Callaway

Erica Horton

Emma Jeffery

Laura Lee Scott

Amy Newbold

Joe & Allie Sabo

Bari J

Elegance & Elephants

Nicolle DuPont

Michelle McGinley

Schmidt Family

Jessica Abbott

Monica Glumbik

Rachel Shields

Shannon Curry

Sew Much Ado

Darcy Reardon

Melissa Seymour

Heather Anderson

Megan O'Toole

Five Eighth Seams

Kiki Adamovics

Kendall Coyne

Keli Dean

Amy Alan

Mo Bedell

Marylou Noble

Melissa Davis

Irene Rodegerdts

Grayson Dempsey

Karen Davitt

Frances Arikawa

Julie Wheeler

Hilary Smith

leslie keating

Rachael Gander

Ewa Duda-Maciejewska

Leah Bandstra

Elizabeth Pollock

Scott & Abby Truitt

Katy Hadad-Dyler

Karen O'Holla

Lisa Anne Logan

Nazanin Mansouri

Julie Bossert (SEWN Studio)

Jake Finch (Generation Q Magazine)

Helen Julian

Laine Family

Sohelia Adyani

The Pollocks

If for some reason your name or link is missing from this list please email me!

A total of $3915.00 was donated to the Sewing School & Foundation.  Because I didn't reach my goal Indiegogo took 9% of the funds and Paypal took 2.9%.  This left us with a total of $3449.12!  If you're reading this and didn't realize the project ended no worries, I have opened a second funding website: in hopes to raise more funds. The funds donated so far are safely tucked away in the Figgy's Sewing School bank account.

Please feel free to continue to spread the word to raise money for this school and foundation.

Sewing Studio Update!

 I have been busy putting the finishing touches on my business plan and will move forward presenting this plan to a few banks and angel investors.  I am also diligently working on my tote bags and zip pouches to send to you!  Please expect those to arrive in your mailbox no later than December 15th.  A special lap quilt created and donated by Elizabeth Hartman will be given to Ms. Kiki Adamoviks for donating $500 to FSS!

Foundation Update!

I am so happy to have already received a BIG bag of goodness from Art Gallery Fabrics donated directly to the Figgy's Kids Foundation!!  I have begun working on patchwork skirts and strip quilts to be delivered to "Northwest Children's Outreach" located at Rolling Hills Church in Lake Oswego this November (photos to come).

 Figgy's Kid's Foundation gave away our very first scholarship during the month of October!!!  It was so incredible to give to a child a gift that will stay with them for a lifetime.

A special thank you to Amy Butler for spreading the news about my project on her facebook page.  Figgy's story will be published in the next issue of "Blossom" (Amy's  new magazine).  Look for that article next February.

An extra special thank you to SEWN Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.  These gals not only put together a fun class using the Figgy's Flutter Skirt pattern but they have generously donated the class fees to the foundation.  THANK YOU so much.

 Happy Sewing!  Shelly