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Fur, Fur everywhere February 15 2012, 2 Comments

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If you are like me, there are 6 seasons in a year. And right now, it's fashion week season! I have been following along and even though NY Fashion week hasn't even wrapped up, it's pretty obvious that fur will carry through to next season! Faux fur - pretty please!

It feels so validating as we launched our Lux Vest pattern in late December. We truly think every little girl should have one! One yard of the fuzzy goodness will yield two of those adorable vests. For our photoshoot I made two identical vests for our two models. They are really good friends (so are their moms) and whenever they show up in their partner gear, people literally stop us to ask where they got the vests!

It's a super quick sew and the best part is to see people's jaws drop when you tell them that it's handmade! Yay!

Just browsing the web a bit I found these other options for kids:

collage: Babycenter

Babycenter put this trend alert-fur-vests on their blog.

photo: Pink Chicken

Or this cute little combo here by Pink Chicken...

Diva likes Luxe faux fur vest
...which reminds me so of this funky vest Regina made from our pattern!

crew cuts fur vest

How adorable is the crew cuts vest with a satin ribbon around the waist?

Threads Magazine has a sewing school article about how to put together the fantasy fur jacket.

We also found some great online resources that stock a wonderful array of faux fur for this fuzzy pleasure:

- Fabric Depot stocks the fur I used.
- has some great long pile as well as short hair fur.
- Fabric Empire is running a sale on furs right now.
- I'm stuffed fur has some really great ones too!

Now, get your vacuum out (trust us, you'll need it!), get ahead of the curve and sew one (or make that two!). We'd love to see the results on our flickr group!