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the dream August 22 2012, 3 Comments

Before I began designing/selling childrens' pattern in 2008 I was a sewing teacher.  I still am.  I've not stopped teaching because it is my escape from my other job which consists mostly of me in front of the lap top or stuffing patterns.  From the time I was a young gal my mom always thought I would be a good teacher and when I teach children how to sew I agree with her.  Teaching keeps me in touch with creativity.  The kids let me be a good teacher because they continue to inspire me and encourage me.  The children keep me going.

It has been amazing to see the increasing number of children that want to learn how to sew and the number of parents that want them to learn as well.  Actually, I don't know many people that don't want to learn how to sew or craft on some sort of level.  My dream is a sewing school.  A place where children young and old can learn how to craft: sew, knit, crochet, embroider & learn handi work.

Want to learn more about my dream?  Perhaps we share the same passion? If we do please pass along this link to your friend and family.

  I'm ready to make this dream a reality and in turn hopefully I can make a child's dream come true too.

Happy Sewing - Shelly

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