Figgy's Patterns

the happenings January 10 2013, 2 Comments

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  Better late than never right?!

I've been receiving a lot of emails asking about future Figgy patterns.  To be honest I have been so in love (busy too) with teaching  sewing to kids of all ages that patterns have been pushed to the side.  Am I going to stop making patterns?  I'm not sure just yet.

 Instead of typing away at the computer and testing garment after garment these last 6 months I've spent time with my young boys and husband.  I've allowed life not to get away from me and wow what a gorgeous world I live in.   Before pattern designing 7 years ago I had dreamed of opening a little shop/sewing studio and it seems that was once just a dream may actually become reality.   In the meantime you'll continue to find Figgy's Happenings going on around town or online:

During the next two weeks  Mad Mim and One Little Minute are hosting "Stretch Yourself" a learn to sew knits blogarama.  On Thursday, January 17th there will be a Figgy’s Banyan Tee Review at One Little Minute + Mad Mim // Guest Projects at Anu*Miki + Paunnet.  So if you have felt intimidated by knits then this next week is perfect for you~

Love blog posts and helpful information online but feel like you need just a little more hand holding?  Lucky for you my class "Kid's Romper Revamp" on Craftsy may be just what you need.  The classes teaches you how to pick proper fabric, take proper measurements, work with knit fabrics and their is a bonus free pattern too!  Craftsy has a terrific interactive platform so if you have questions during class you just stop the lesson and type in your question.  It's my job to check in a few times a week to answer those questions.  Seeing some of the finished rompers & dresses has been so fun.

Love online classes but need just a little more hand holding than through the internets?  Do you live near Seattle?  GREAT!  Join me for a workshop at Dry Goods Design (make * do * mend) on February 16th from 10am - 4pm (lunch will be served, yum)!  I hope to see you there soon!

And for my fellow Portlanders, I have a new website where you'll find all the classes I'm currently teaching HERE!

Happy Sewing!