the final week & a big winner March 02 2014, 2 Comments

What an amazing final week on the Figgy's Heavenly tour!  A few of the posts even brought tears to my eyes because I was so touched. How about a re cap then I'll share the winner of the heavenly tour!  Just click on the blog name to see more.


Charm Stitch




Sew Bon


Elsie Marley




Girl Like the Sea


Alison Glass


Dry Goods Design

Thank you all so much for joining me this month to show off the Heavenly Collection!!  You are all super amazing at what you do and I'm honored that you said yes to jumping on the blog train! 



Now for the big winner...........  #298 Ms. Kelli Cree!!!  

You have won prizes from all of these amazing blog tour sponsors!!!









Coming soon on the blog:  

"How To Make an Ethereal Bubble Tunic"

"My Love Affair with Girl Charlee Fabric, Alison Glass Design & Such Design"