what's going on? November 01 2011, 4 Comments

When one door closes another door opens.....

During my life's journey, I met a great gal, and we choose to walk down the same path for a while. Recently,we came to a fork in the road and each of us had to make a life changing decision.  It was not an easy decision, but that is where we found ourselves.  Because we choose to walk along different paths (but still write and send birthday cards) I was given a chance to revisit my vision of what was once a hobby that evolved into a passion that evolved into a business and now once again....evolving.  At first I was quite overwhelmed and wasn't quite sure what to do, but a friend gave me some much needed advice; "Shelly, you just need to let go and let life come to you", so I did.  Almost immediatly after I let go people started knocking on my door.  Notice a change or two or seven?  Well everyone,  I've thrown my Mary Tyler Moore cap to the sky and am ready for what the future has to offer.

I would like to welcome you to "Figgy's" and for those of you that have been by my side since the beginning, thank you so so much!

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Happy Sewing!