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handmade heart envelope January 31 2012, 2 Comments

I made this little heart last year for Franco.  I put it in his lunch box the day before Valentines day so it would be a surprise.  I loved it so much I made 25 just like it for his classmates!  It was a lot of fun and I received many emails from mothers saying how nice it was for their child to receive a handmade heart instead of the typical buy and toss kind.  Some of you may remember this from last year but the original post is lost and not yet found so I thought I'd share once more. Happy Stitching!


Download the Hearts template HERE!

2 - 7 x 7 felt squares

1 - 5 x 5 felt square

Red Carpet/Button Thread

Beige Carpet/Button Thread

Hand Sewing Needle

Pin and cut 2 out of the Main felt and 1 out of the Contrast felt.

Center the white heart onto one of the red hearts and pin or use a double sided tape to hold in place.  Using a running stitch, sew the heart in place.  Begin sewing down first so the knot shows.

Next up is learning how to do sew a Blanket Stitch.  I prefer visuals when learning something new so I hope this helps.  Grab a piece of scrap felt and practice first.

Thread the needle and knot one end.  Sew from behind to the front.

Loop around and sew into the first hole.

Don't pull it tight but leave a loop.   Sew into the loop then pull tight (not too tight).

Repeat roughly 1/4" away from the first stitch.


Place the two red hearts on top of one another.  When you first begin, only sew along the top layer beginning about 1/2" from the center along the right and ending 1/2" from the center along the left.  This will leave an opening to place the love note.

Now begin to sew through both layers.

Stitch around the heart until you reach 1/2" from the center top and then only sew along the back of the heart.

Write a cute letter to your Valentine, roll it up and slide it into the opening of the heart envelope!


Happy Sewing!  Figgy's Hearts YOU!