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sunki pocket sew and tell December 14 2011, 7 Comments

With the Holiday fast approaching many of you want to finish the Sunki dress in time for the grandparents visit. This little sew and tell is just for you, and if you're anything like me extra photos always help!

Be sure that you have transferred all markings from the pattern piece onto the fabric. You can use chalk, fabric marker, snip in or clip the triangle. I'm a snipper myself.

Page 4,  Step 4 & 5:

Align the right sides of the pocket bag with the dress front and pin.  I like to start at the bottom and end at the top of the pocket when I align and pin the raw edges.  I used chalk to mark where to stop sewing if I sew with dress side facing the feed dogs.  If you are sewing with pocket facing the feed dogs there is no need for this mark.

Sew the seam and press the top corner down toward the wrong side of the pocket.

Step 6:  Right sides facing align the raw edges of the side panel and the dress front.  Align the marking on the side panel and the marking on the dress.  The top corner of the side panel will be 1/2" longer than the dress.  This is the seam allowance and when the side panel is pressed to the back it will algin perfectly.

Step 7: Sew the seam, trim the pocket seam to an 1/8" and snip along the curve of the side panel.

Step 8:  Turn the pocket bag to the wrong side of the dress and press flat. Topstitch

Step 9:  Turn the side panel to the back wrong sides facing.  Align the pocket bags, stitch and finish the seam.  I used pinking shears to finish the seam.  I've been into those lately.

Press well!

Step 10:  Top stitch the top of the side panel.

The end result:  A gift for my neice Ofelia, just in time for the grandparents visit!

Size 2/3 yr

Fabric:  Boho by Annette Tatum