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the goddess of dawn March 20 2014, 5 Comments



One year ago I came across this post  and instantly fell in love with everything my eyes laid eyes on.  I loved the girls, the clothes and I especially fell in love with Alexia's eye for just the perfect fabric.  I go into quilters cotton overload sometimes with it's over use in garments and it was refreshing to see a talent such as Lexi using gorgeous garment fabrics. (Don't get me wrong I love a nice quilters cotton just like the rest of you but it's not meant for EVERY garment.) In September of 2013 I see this post and am blown away.  I thought to myself, this girl has some serious talent and I must get to know her and I would love to work with her.  So I went for it and asked if she'd like to work with me on a new pattern and a few months later I'm so pleased and proud to announce the newest Figgy's pattern by Alexia Sotelo.


goddess of the dawn



This gorgeous dress is a treat for little ones for all special occasions or for the very girly girl.  Complete with 9 perfectly placed pin tucks, gathers at the shoulder, fully lined with a beautiful scoop back and adorned with the most professionally placed bow.  Alexia you have out done yourself!




The "Eos" dress will be available April 1, 2014 in PDF format.  But.... I'm so happy to report that you can purchase the PDF pattern beginning today for 20% off!  Please use coupon code LEXI20 when purchasing.  This coupon code is good for only 1 week so grab your pre-sale pattern now!  And I can't release this special pattern and hand out a special early bird coupon without some sort of a fun giveaway can I?  Enter below to win a copy of the EOS PDF pattern along with 2 yards of gorgeous Michael Miller Eyelet fabric to create your own special dress.



Happy Sewing-

making with glitz January 28 2014, 3 Comments

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful package from Michael Miller that made me ooh and awww upon opening.  One of the items in the box was a beautiful print from their "Glitz" line.  I've seen some photos popping up on Instagram and on their home blog "Making It Fun" and seeing the line in person does not disappoint.  It was exactly what I needed to get inspired for spring.  The colors and the shine just shout "Easter"!  

Deciding which pattern to create was not a hard decision to make.  The Confetti Border screamed FRILL! I hope you'll agree that this fabric seems made just for this dress.  Also, since it's Kids Clothes Week my niece Ofelia scores another handmade garment.



With a design as feminine as the Ethereal it is important that the inside is just as lovely as the outside.  How the seams lay or what thread you use to top stitch can really make or break a pattern.  About 5 years ago I created a Rooibos dress by Colette Patterns for a class I was teaching at Bolt Fabric in Portland and within the instructions Sarai teaches a method on how to create a beautifully lined bodice.  I will admit I was terribly confused and needed to call my mother in for some guidance.  She instantly (of course) figured out her brilliant method.  The reason I was so confused is because I am a person that learns by doing and photos help A LOT.  I decided that maybe there are more people out there just like me so I took this opportunity to show you a few photos of how I sew my lined bodices thanks to Sarai from Colette.  (Photos like these are included in all Figgy's PDF patterns)


After sewing the lining and the bodice together along the neck line you'll see that the underarms are still raw edged.  Once upon a time I would turn and press these raw edges then topstitch along the shoulder (WHAT A PAIN).  First lay the garment down flat.



Open the bodice along the right side and pull to the left overtop the frill. 



Pull the bodice lining towards the left under the rest of the lining so that the raw edges of the bodice and the lining are right sides facing. Pin the raw edges together. The left side of the bodice and bodice lining will be pulled towards the middle and out of the way so the right sides can face one another.  You will create a "tube" when pinning so be sure that the left side of the bodice is not caught within the pinned area.



Sew along the pinned area (underarm & shoulder).  Again be sure the rest of the bodice is not caught within the seam you are sewing.


Trim the seam and snip in towards the seam without snipping the seam.  Reach inside the tube and pull the bodice and lining right sides out. 



Press the area flat and repeat with the opposite side going the opposite direction.



So gorgeous and simple!


Thank you to Michael Miller for sending me some gorgeous fabric that was a pleasure to work with!

Visit the Michael Miller Blog today to see more photos of Ofelia's new tunic!


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I'm riding the Imagine Gnats pattern tour train!

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An Ethereal Pattern highlight. How many different way to use the pattern and the Heavenly Pattern Tour begins and will end with a big giveaway!!


Happy Sewing -  Shelly




Sarah Jane goes Out To Sea September 18 2012, 1 Comment

Does the fabric choose the design or does design choose the fabric?


For this garment in particular there was no doubt, the fabric choose the design.

I was thrilled to have the chance to work with Sarah Jane's new line "Out to Sea" not only because I fell in love with the prints themselves but because of the wonderful fabric hand.  The fabric arrived just in time for me to create something special for a very special girl "K".  K's family was having a lifestyle photo shoot taken by the ever so talented local artist/photographer Tracey Freeman, so I jumped at the chance to have a few photos taken of K in her new dress.

I try not to recommend quilters cotton fabric for garments because they are "quilters" cotton and the drape can be a bit "stiff" for some garments but, in this case I say "Go For It"!  The weight is light with lovely drape and the texture is so soft and perfect for little ones' delicate skin.  For this dress I used the "Deep Sea Jewel" navy anchor fabric as the main fabric, the navy and white "Ahoy There" stripe for the bodice lining/skirt panels and a red ric rac under the front pleat.  It is DARLING!  I've been getting a lot of requests to start making ready made garments again and this is perfect line to start making again!

Thank you Sarah Jane & Michael Miller for a great line of fabric!

Happy Sewing! - Shelly

*all photos taken by Tracey Freeman of Tracey Freeman Photography


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