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nituna - and how it all started January 06 2012, 3 Comments

Sometime life works in mysterious ways.

This story begins with 1 yard of fabric, passed on to me by Susan, with a task attached: Create something really beautiful - anything you like - and once finished, it'll be showcased at a particular store and I would have to teach a class on the item - then, the finished product would be mine.
It was a beautiful fabric.
And I knew exactly what I would want it to become.

At the same time, a warm and sunny September day, Shelly and I were meeting for lunch. I showed her the the fabric and told her what I'd like to make from it. Her eyes lit up and she responded ... what if ...
Then we put our heads together and started planning. It was a long lunch break and I don't know if either of us ever expensed it ;) (tax time people - get ready!) but the outcome was a new pattern company and this:

First Nituna

Nituna in the Ochoco fabric I was given,
with brown suede tape and binding details.

and then this:


Nituna reversible Jacket

The Nituna reversible jacket pattern was actually the first jacket pattern in the new Figgy's line. I love the simplicity of the design and the versatility of the pattern. And how it can showcase double faced fabrics beautifully without strange bits and bobs that you have to live with when making a reversible style. And made up in any of the many beautiful Pendleton fabrics - you'll create a truly show-stopping piece.

"Wait a minute!" you might say "all of this sounds super nice but where I live, I can't even get my hands on any Pendleton fabrics"

No need to be discouraged - Pendleton has a huge store here in Portland and the staff is very nice and extremely helpful. They post most of their fabrics including (sales) on their blog - and if you have laid eyes on a specific fabric, just call them toll free 866.865.9285  and they'll ship out to you. All the ingredients for the jacket above can be purchased at their store and they also carry the Nituna pattern.

Didn't I mention that the pattern is very versatile?
This version here  is made up in Loden (node to my Bavarian upbringing) with a graphic quilting cotton as lining:

Nituna lined

And this guy here is out of a thick double face polar fleece with a Sherpa like side (inside) and a flat micro fleece side (outside). I left the patch pockets unfinished with the raw edges showing which just underlines the rugged appeal of the fabric. I omitted the buttons at the front which makes for a nice, flattering drape effect.

nituna fleece

Last but not least: The class I talked about earlier.
Portlanders and all sewistas in the vicinity: I'll be teaching a class on the Nituan patten at the Pendleton Wollen Mills Store end of January. The price of the class includes fabric, all trims, a label and the pattern. It's rated an advanced class as handling blanket weight fabric requires somewhat experienced hands. It's a two session class so there will be homework in between classes. The official list is not up yet. But like us on Facebook and stay up to date once the listing is up to secure your spot. All you need to bring is yourself and your trusty sewing machine. Everything else is provided. Here the details to pencil in:

1/28 & 2/4
10am - 12pm

Pendleton Woolen Mills Store
8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97222
866.865.9285 toll free

Hope to see you all and
Cheers to 2012!!!