Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow sewists to sell garments made from your patterns?

Yes!  We want to make it very easy and profitable for the boutique sewer to use our patterns.  You will find a beautiful label included with every purchase of a Figgy's pattern.  We believe that a label not only enhances your creations and makes them look professional, it showcases that you take pride in working with an established and trusted pattern brand.  We do everything in our power to make sure you have a quality product in hand.  The only thing we ask of you is the promise that every garment made from a Figgy's pattern  is sewn by one single person, in their home and has a Figgy's label sewn into it when you intend to sell the finished product.  There is no need to purchase additional pattern though, you will find reasonably priced label packages here on the site:  http://figgyspatterns.com/patterns/lovely-woven-labels/  Thank you so much for respecting our policy!

Why is the pattern printed on both sides of the paper?

A few reasons:

1.  Tracing a pattern using tracing paper, freezer paper or any translucent paper will add longevity to the original pattern.  Also, if you use Swedish tracing paper you can actually sew the paper together to prepare a muslin fitting!

2.  Save the trees by saving paper!

3.  When you trace a pattern instead of cutting it you can use the pattern over and over again as your little one grows.

How do the patterns fit?

Each designer or design business has their own "fit" or sizing.  Our garments run slim and true to our measurement chart.

Where do you find your models? Are they  professional "models"?

We love our models!!  The majority of our models attend the same school as our children and we simply ask their parents and luckily they have said yes.   A few others were found through our photographer Studio Christy.  A simple browse on her website and you'll find two dozen gorgeous little ones.  One of our models most recently became a very successful professional model and I hope we can one day say we knew her when... :)

Are Figgy's patterns 100% Made in USA and Eco friendly?

YES!  We use a small local printing company to print our booklets, StevenIs.  They are an amazing company that treat you like family as soon as you walk in the door.  Something you wouldn't see at a big box shop.  Our booklets are printed on recycled paper and the company uses a vegetable based ink.  Our booklets also are printed at StevenIs and they are also printed using recycled paper and vegetable based ink.

Our paper patterns are printed at a small print shop in the state of Washington.  We use recycled newsprint to print our pattern sheets.  We also love the newsprint paper because it lasts much longer than tissue paper and doesn't rip as easily.

Have a question that isn't listed?  Email us at info@figgyspatterns.com and we'll happily send you the answer!